09/03/05 Goodbye forever!

01/09/05 I hope nobody missed this comic. Yes, I am seriously back dating them! SO WHAT?! January will stay blank though. PS: Happy Birthday, me.

11/25/04 Oh, I finally updated that one fight scene. Now I just need to do the other one and the storyline is done. Fuck, I'm so behind. But who gives a crap?

10/25/04 Well I'll be back to strips next story line. It will again be boring. Hey, what did you think of this Strange Case? Did you like it or not? I heard a bit of good stuff... Oh man who reads J-Walkin' anymore? Me! That's who!

09/27/04 In case you cannot tell by the horrible penmanship, my pen ran out of ink while I was doing this comic. Fuuuck. Also real life got in the way so it's way late and shit. And I still don't have a fucking ruler. And who the crap is that dude? Well to know, you would have to read Sandwich World. He's ZAY! Okay? Okay.

09/26/04 TITS! Oh no, I mean Jwalkin... THE BAND! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!

09/18/04 I was going to appologize for the lateness of comics, that I keep having, but I realize none of you care anyhow. Seriously. Does anybody even read this comic? Oh, I finally got around to colouring one laser fight. I guess I should get around to finishing those other fight scenes for last story line. Some day, my friends. Some day. Oh hell, go kill yourself!

09/07/04 Guys. Sandwich World.

09/01/04 Okay, just so you guys know... This storyline may update irregularily. I know my update schedual hasn't been set in stone for a long, long time, but I'm just telling you now. Basically a lot of these pages are experiments. Actually, all of them are. I'm trying to use the computer to digitally enhance a lot of the stuff, and since I've not done it before.. Well you get the point. Anyhow, enjoy. (I should be working on the story!!)

08/21/04 Don't cho wanna know how we keep startin' fires?! But seriously, the story line is just about done, and I am off on a trip. One that puts the FUN back in FUNERAL. The FU, at least. My uncle is dead. Anyhow, I don't know when the comic will start updating again, but the next story line will probably update only three times a week, instead of daily. On the plus side, it's full page comics, and not just three panel strips. HORRAY?! But it stars the grey guy... BLAHBLAHBLAH... okay, enough update post!

08/10/04 Oh God... I will redo this comic. It is just terrible. I AM BAD AT FIGHT SCENES! {whatev}

08/04/04 I guess I have a PayPal link now. More like GAYPal! AMIRITE?! I am. I won't be using this money for anything other than transfering it over paypal to make buy a t-shirt or something. Assuming I pick up enough cash for a t-shirt.